Reykjavík, June 2021

Welcome to Reykjavík, the meeting place in the middle.
We are looking forward to an uplifting and constructive post pandemic era and welcome you to explore the growth of this website as we get closer to RIWC 2022.

Here you will, in due time, find all the information about how you can be part of this special event, and experience the unforgettable nature and bright summer nights in Iceland.

Together with the organizer of the Nordic Ophthalmology Congress 2022, we are preparing for a unique experience at a parallel event in the field of ophthalmology and research.

The RIWC2022 will be held at the same time and venue as NOK2022, is taking place. That will make this a very rare opportunity.

Please reserve June 9 – 11 for RIWC 2022 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Being a part of a Retina International World Congress is an unique experience in optimism and inspiration – generated by bringing together some of the world’s foremost retinal scientists and clinicians along with the global leaders in patient advocacy and peer support.

On behalf of Retina Iceland and the organizing committee, we welcome you to Reykjavík in June 2022.

Sigþór U. Hallfreðsson, Chairman of Retina Iceland and the Icelandic Association of the visually impaired
Helgi Hjörvar, Chairman of the organizing committee.
Kristinn H. Einarsson, CEO, Icelandic Association of the visually impaired.

Organizing Committee

Chair: Helgi Hjörvar
Kristinn Halldór Einarsson
Sigþór U. Hallfreðsson

Scientific Committee

Chair: Prof. Ragnheiður Bragadóttir
University of Oslo. Department of Ophthalmology

Prof. Einar Stefánsson MD, PHD
National Hospital Reykjavík, University of Iceland, Department of Ophthalmology

Prof. Jón Jóhannes Jónsson
Chair of Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at Landspítali University Hospital

Ms. Sigrídur Masdottir
Head ophthalmologist at the Institution for the blind in Iceland

Mr. Sveinn Hákon Harðarson
Ass.Professor in ophthalmology at the University of Iceland

Prof. Thor Eysteinsson
Professor of neurophysiology at the University of Iceland

Ms. Christina Fasser
President of Retina International.

Introductory videos

Please check out the official welcome video for RIWC 2022 prepared by Meet in Reykjavik, the official Visit Reykjavik trailer – and an amazing and fun-filled trailer representing our amazing RIWC meeting venue; Harpa Conference and Concert centre.

Welcome to Iceland
RIWC 2022 trailer by Meet in Reykjavik

Welcome to Reykjavík
Official trailer for the city of Reykjavík
#visitreykjavik #reykjavikloves

Your meeting place in Reykjavík

Important dates

  • 15 October 2021 – Call for abstracts

  • 15 October 2021 – Registration opens

  • 1 February 2022 – Deadline for submission of abstract

  • 1 March 2022 – Notification of acceptance of abstract

  • 15 March 2022 – Deadline for early-bird registration

  • 15 April 2022 – Deadline cancellation refund

  • 9 – 11 June 2022 – Congress

A volcanic eruption

Let’s meet in Reykjavik in…

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If there ever was a time to take a moment to pause, gaze up at the starry sky and be captivated by the phenomenon of aurora borealis—it’s now ✨
From September to April, Iceland is a hotspot for this magnificent light show.



📸 @kevin._.pages

This incredibly picturesque church is located in @northiceland and it is the oldest turf church in Iceland - Grafarkirkja’s history dates back to the 17th century! 🙌🏻 Interestingly, the wall around the church and the graveyard has a circle shape, which makes the church especially unique.
👉🏻 Note that the church is closed inside to the public in order to preserve it but you can still admire it from the outside 😍 #inspiredbyiceland

📸 @dannytkaze

The fresh lava field from Fagradalsfjall 🌋

Fagradalsfjall has built up a lava shield that covers an area of about 5 square kilometers since it started erupting in March 2021. Though the eruption is officially over, watching the huge lava field from above via helicopter ride is almost equally impressive 🤩
Head to the link in bio to book a scenic helicopter flight 🚁 #inspiredbyiceland

You’re never short of magnificent sight at Snæfellsnes peninsula, @westiceland 💙 Djupalonssandur is a beautiful pebbled beach, with a series of rocks of mysterious form emerging from the ocean. It is one of the few areas that lead down to the sea along this coast with its high dramatic cliffs.
📸 @mike.sotskiy

The dancing Northern Lights are a true nature’s spectacle. They look especially charming above @visitwestfjords ‘s most famous waterfall - Dynjandi 💚
Have you ever seen an Aurora?

📸 @gautelorentsen


Another day, another epic waterfall to explore 🙏🏻
@visitausturland is full of wonderful spots to visit and if you’re a waterfall lover, make sure to visit this one - Rjúkandi waterfall. With changing seasons, flow of the waterfall changes, making it a unique experience every time you visit. Also, on the trail to the waterfall there are many smaller ones that you can admire as you hike up. #inspiredbyiceland
Are you a waterfall chaser? 🤩

📸 @gudrunhalldoraphotography

In the Mývatn Area in @northiceland, you’ll find one of Iceland's most stunning and symmetrical explosion craters: Hverfjall 🙌 Here are 4 facts about the crater:

👉 This large, circular explosion crater is about 140 metres deep and with a diameter of 1,000 metres.
👉 It is estimated that the crater was created during a volcanic explosion and its likely around 2800 - 2900 years old.
👉 It’s the largest of its kind in the world!
👉 It’s easy to hike and on top it offers a perfect spot to admire its scale and unique formation.

📸 @jeremybomford

Inspired by Iceland would like to wish you a prosperous and Happy New Year! The fireworks show around Hallgrímskirkja is surely a wonderful way to welcome the new year 🎆

Are you writing down your New Year’s resolutions? If Iceland makes the list for 2022, plan your visit now and head over to our website for inspiration 🙌

📸 @sigvicious

From scenic lava fountains to Carbfix turning CO2 into rock. Transforming tired sweatpants into boots and the #1 Westfjords region. Millions of Riot Gamers with eyes on Iceland and exploring the outer reaches of the Icelandverse 🎉

Travel back in time with Inspired by Iceland for a review of 2021 🔙⏳
Read more about in the link in bio 🔗

The majestic Icelandic horse is an unmissable sight - while visiting Iceland, you might spot horses as you go! 🐴 Horses of Iceland are powerful and in fact they are the original Viking Horses, which makes them one of the purest horse breeds in the world. Horses play an important part of Icelandic culture and for good reason, they are also loved by horse enthusiasts from all over the world 😍

Learn more about the wonderful Icelandic horses on our @horsesoficeland site 🙌 #inspiredbyiceland
📸 @gigjaeinars

If you have been to @visitreykjavik, you may have seen this distinctive volcano called Keilir. It is a type of a subglacial volcano visible on a clear day from the city coast which is why in the old times it served as an orientation landmark for the fisherman. Located on the @visitreykjanes, Keilir is a rare form of a volcano, characteristic to lands covered both by glaciers and active volcanic formations at the same time. It looks especially impressive at night, lit up by the Aurora 🤩 #inspiredbyiceland

📸 @ozzophotography

Happy Holidays to all of you out there, or as we say in Icelandic, Gleðileg jól!🎄 Enjoy the holidays! ❤️ #inspiredbyiceland #happyholidays

📸 @visitreykjavik

What an ideal place to celebrate the holidays 😍 🔔

Today is st. Thorlakur’s Mass, or Þorláksmessa in Icelandic, named after Þorlákur Þórhallsson, a 12th century priest in Iceland who died on this day in 1193. He was canonized by Althingi (the Icelandic Parliament) in 1198. The traditional dish of Þorláksmessa day is a fermented skate and is still very popular in Iceland, despite the strong smell that is perhaps appreciated by rather well seasoned "foodies". Also, many locals stroll down the streets of downtown @visitreykjavik in the evening and soak up the festive atmosphere! #inspiredbyiceland
📸 @iambjarni

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June 2022

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