Reykjavík, June 2021

Welcome to Reykjavík, the meeting place in the middle.
We are looking forward to an uplifting and constructive post pandemic era and welcome you to explore the growth of this website as we get closer to RIWC 2022.

Here you will, in due time, find all the information about how you can be part of this special event, and experience the unforgettable nature and bright summer nights in Iceland.

Together with the organizer of the Nordic Ophthalmology Congress 2022, we are preparing for a unique experience at a parallel event in the field of ophthalmology and research.

The RIWC2022 will be held at the same time and venue as NOK2022, is taking place. That will make this a very rare opportunity.

Please reserve June 9 – 11 for RIWC 2022 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Being a part of a Retina International World Congress is an unique experience in optimism and inspiration – generated by bringing together some of the world’s foremost retinal scientists and clinicians along with the global leaders in patient advocacy and peer support.

On behalf of Retina Iceland and the organizing committee, we welcome you to Reykjavík in June 2022.

Sigþór U. Hallfreðsson, Chairman of Retina Iceland and the Icelandic Association of the visually impaired
Helgi Hjörvar, Chairman of the organizing committee.
Kristinn H. Einarsson, CEO, Icelandic Association of the visually impaired.

Organizing Committee

Chair: Helgi Hjörvar
Kristinn Halldór Einarsson
Sigþór U. Hallfreðsson

Scientific Committee

Chair: Prof. Ragnheiður Bragadóttir
University of Oslo. Department of Ophthalmology

Prof. Einar Stefánsson MD, PHD
National Hospital Reykjavík, University of Iceland, Department of Ophthalmology

Prof. Jón Jóhannes Jónsson
Chair of Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at Landspítali University Hospital

Mr. Sveinn Hákon Harðarson
Ass.Professor in ophthalmology at the University of Iceland

Prof. Thor Eysteinsson
Professor of neurophysiology at the University of Iceland

Ms. Christina Fasser
Former President of Retina International

Mr. Franz Badura
President of Retina International

Introductory videos

Please check out the official welcome video for RIWC 2022 prepared by Meet in Reykjavik, the official Visit Reykjavik trailer – and an amazing and fun-filled trailer representing our amazing RIWC meeting venue; Harpa Conference and Concert centre.

Welcome to Iceland
RIWC 2022 trailer by Meet in Reykjavik

Welcome to Reykjavík
Official trailer for the city of Reykjavík
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Your meeting place in Reykjavík

Important dates

  • 15 October 2021 – Call for abstracts

  • 15 October 2021 – Registration opens

  • 1 February 2022 – Deadline for submission of abstract

  • 10 March 2022 – Notification of acceptance of abstract

  • 31 March 2022 – Deadline for early-bird registration

  • 15 April 2022 – Deadline cancellation refund

  • 9 – 11 June 2022 – Congress

Let’s meet in Reykjavik in…

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It's time to explore Iceland through the eyes of our friend and adventurer @rurikgislason. Follow along as he shares his 3 day journey around the wondrous Reykjanes Peninsula! #Inspiredbyiceland #reykjanespeninsula #iceland

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You may be wondering if we really taught Iceland’s horses to reply to work emails so travelers like you could relax. And the answer is Já! Watch to see how we did it, and visit to try it!
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Iceland is a hiker’s paradise, with a wide network of trails in lowland and highland areas 🥾 You can choose from many available routes and find one suitable for your level. Walking and hiking in Iceland’s diverse landscapes is a fantastic way to experience the island’s unique nature, especially during the long days of summer.

👉🏻Check out our blog for hiking tips:
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Nothing ruins a vacation like an email from your boss. Thankfully, Iceland has the perfect solution: OutHorse your Email. Yes, seriously! Iceland’s very special horses will write real out of office replies so you can enjoy your vacation in peace 🐴📤
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One of the many things that make the Icelandic horse so special is how colorful they are! They are indeed one of the most colorful breeds in the whole world with over 40 colors and 100 variations! The horse in this picture is a red roan, a truly magical color! Roans change their coat color depending on the season. Pretty cool, don’t you think?
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Have you always dreamed of seeing puffins in their natural environment? 💛 @icelandair has got you covered, offering domestic flights close to puffin-watching spots. Here are some exciting destinations:
👉Reykjavík: access to Vestmannaeyjar;
👉Akureyri: access to Hrísey, Grímsey and Mývatn;
👉Egilsstaðir: access to Borgarfjörður Eystri;
👉Ísafjörður: access to Látrabjarg.
Pro tip: Go birdwatching in the morning or evening as the puffins spend their days at sea.

Are you feeling adventurous? Then @visitreykjavik, Europe's northernmost capital with a lot to offer 😍 The city has an exciting art scene, vibrant nightlife, fantastic restaurants, and architectural gems for you to explore. Summer is surely the perfect time to visit Reykjavik and plan an action-packed stay. Mountains, parks, and unspoiled nature reigns are steps away from the capital. Here are some fantastic places to visit:
💚 Heiðmörk nature reserve;
💚 Elliða river valley;
💚 Viðey Island;
💚 Grótta Lighthouse.
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Did you expect to find this almost tropical-looking spot in Iceland? 🇮🇸 Rauðasandur in the @visitwestfjords is a 10 km (6 miles) long red sand beach with colors ranging from white through yellow through red to black. As the white sand beaches might be common to you, this is a unique spot for Icelanders used to volcanic beaches with black sand. This tranquil oasis owes the unique coloring to its location as the Westfjords, one of the oldest parts of Iceland, are no longer volcanically active.
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Admire the landscape around Dyrholæy lighthouse situated in @southiceland ✨ Are you brave enough to go up and see the views of the nearby black beaches? Visit this unique lighthouse, resembling a medieval tower, and get inspired by the soft colors of the landscape surrounding it ✨
👉🏻 Pro tip: as you travel around the Dyrhólaey nature reserve in the summertime, be mindful of the closed bird nesting areas.
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If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination, head to @visitausturland to see the Klifbrekkufossar (a tongue twister, we know 😜). This long waterfall has seven drops and a height of 90 meters (300 feet), making it one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland. The clear water of the falls and the surrounding lush vegetation make Klifbrekkufossar a uniquely beautiful spot 😍

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@visitreykjavik is a city that is famous for its devotion to the arts and culture. One of the most recognizable landmarks is Hallgrimskirkja, a church that overlooks the city’s panorama. Visitors to Reykjavík will also find more than 60 museums, exhibition spaces, and galleries around every corner. This wealth of institutions celebrates the Icelandic culture and proudly displays the creative traditions of both famous international artists and locals 🇮🇸

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Arts Festival

June 2022

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