The Golden Circle via coach

Date: 7 June 2020
Departure:  14:00 from Harpa
Duration: 8 hours
Price: 22.900 ISK per person
Included:  Bus, guidance, 2 course dinner
Minimum: 20 pers

Photo: Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir

The legendary Golden circle is based on three stunning natural stops;

Thingvellir national park
The point on Earth’s surface where the North Atlantic ridge splits the two geological continents of North America and Eurasia. Þingvellir is one of UNESCO World Heritage sites and throughout the centuries, some of the most significant events in Iceland’s history have taken place there. For most Icelanders, this is the country’s most sacred place. But first and foremost Þingvellir National Park is know as one of the most beautiful areas in Iceland.

Probably the world’s most famous hot spring. One of the greatest natural attractions of Iceland, called great Geysir that is now dormant but Strokkur is still erupts at regular intervals every 10 minutes or so, and its white column of boiling water can reach as high as 20-30 meters.

Golden waterfalls
Gullfoss falls 32 meters in two stages, with water coming from the glacial river Hvítá, which has its source underneath the glacier Langjökull, and flows 133 kilometers into the Atlantic Ocean.

Unique and fun lunch locations are available on the Golden Circle route as well as thrilling activities all depending on the needs and wants on the group.


At Friðheimar, they grow tomatoes all year round, despite Iceland’s long, dark winters, under artificial lighting in greenhouses. They welcome visitors to see the greenhouses, and then enjoy a taste of the crop. Tomatoes are the theme of Friðheimar cuisine – and that’s not surprising, since three different varieties of tomato are cultivated in the greenhouses, where food is served among the tomato plants.

A unique food experience that is not to be missed.

Refreshing drinks at Friðheimar

Refreshing drinks

Using everything that the greenhouse make Friðheimar offers a wide options of fun and different drinks

Friðheimar Tomato beer – brewed with fully ripe red tomatoes / Tomato schnapps – a hollow tomato filled with Icelandic Birch schnapps / Virgin Mary – a home made fresh tomato drink made from well riped tomatoes  / Bloody Mary – now is the best time of the day for a Bloody Mary / Home made tomato drink with vodka and a drop of Tabasco Healthy Mary – our newest drink, made from green tomato, lime, honey and ginger, served chilled with sparkling water / Happy Mary – here we take our green tomatoes to a new level: One part Hendrik’s Gin, two parts Healthy Mary and glass filled up with Bitter Lemon Gin & tonic – Hendrik’s gin with tonic and cucumber